A drawn image of Fredrik Bergqvist in a blue shirt

Fredrik Bergqvist

Web developer with over 22 years of experience. Writing about javascript and front end techniques

Hello, I'm Fredrik

Father of two, living in Stockholm and currently working as lead front end developer for Åhléns, the main department store chain in Sweden.

Using React, Redux, Material UI and Next.js on an Intershop backend I lead five other front end developers in our journey to make the e-commerce site the most profitable department store of all our stores.

While I have other interests, gaming for one, I've always been fascinated by the web and its possibilities, there's always something new coming along, something new to master.

During my twenty-plus year career I've worked with everything from government and municipality sites to bank and e-commerce, from pure information sites to applications.

The thing that has always drawn me to working with the web is the fact that I can create something that can potentially be seen and used by millions of people!