A drawn image of Fredrik Bergqvist in a blue shirt

Fredrik Bergqvist

Web developer with over 22 years of experience. Writing about javascript and front end techniques

Resume for Fredrik Bergqvist, frontend developer



—— Lead frontend developer

DECEMBER 2018 — Present

With around six million monthly visitors ahlens.se is rapidly becoming Åhléns largest department store. I am responsible for making the necessary improvements to make it as good as it can get.

I mix developing new features together with the rest of the frontend team with planning architecture and mentoring junior members of the team.

Raysearch Laboratories

—— Software developer


As a part of the frontend core team for the RayCare-product I supported the other development teams in the project with the frontend framework, creating generic, reusable and well tested components.


—— Senior frontend developer


I returned to Creuna to work in a senior frontend role, mainly working with various projects involving Stockholm Stad such as Stockholmskällan, Reflow and the intranet.

Other projects included a redesign and enabling the ability to shop online at Akademibokhandeln, both the external and internal sites for Fastighetsbyrån and the new external site for Stockholmshem.


—— Senior frontend developer

JANUARY 2014 — APRIL 2015

Swedbank needed to replace their old banking portal for private customers and I was hired to help set the architecture and implementation of the frontend.

We used Angular supported by a REST backend to complete the task. Much work was also put into writing automated tests in Selenium to release load off the QA-department.


—— Web developer


At creuna I worked with a wide range of customers including Stockholm Stad, ASSA ABLOY, Praktikertjänst, Telia and Polarn o. Pyret.

Most projects were based on EpiServer CMS in a .NET environment and I worked on both the back- and frontend.

Icon Medialab

—— Web developer

DECEMBER 1997 — July 2001

Started out as a web designer mostly doing HTML and CSS but later on moved more into programming ASP and some JavaScript.

Projects included companies such as Trygg-Hansa, Svenska spel, Scandic hotels and Ving.


IT Universitetet (DSV)

AUGUST 2004 — JUNE 2006

Two years of computer science, mainly focusing on programming. Courses included SQL, C, object-oriented programming, socket programming in java and dynamic languages (python and ruby)